March 2014 – 1st Birthday Party                                                                                           We would like to thank everyone from the Quakertown Train Station for all their help coordinating and hosting our daughter’s first
birthday party. We couldn’t of asked for a better venue. The train station not only offers a unique atmosphere, but also gives a clean and spacious location. Thanks again for allowing us to have such a great and ever lasting memory of this  event.                              L. Genova – Quakertown Pa.             

January 2013 – Movie Fliming                                                                                              I’m writing to thank you all for being so amazingly helpful during filming on THE TICKET SELLER. Your community was so generous in general, but you all made everything so simple and easy. It was wonderful. Thank you so very much!                        L. Archer -  New York, N.Y.                                                                                                       

June 2012 – Anniversary Party    
A few lines to sincerely thank everyone at the Quakertown Train
Station for their interest, time, technical expertise and ‘personality
plus’ in helping me host, pull together – and pull off! – a 40th
anniversary celebration from my remote location in Berks County.
Sincere appreciation and thanks for your assistance, ‘can-do’
attitude, the ‘voice of experience’ of what works, and aiding food
service contracting.  Deb even provided exact tabletop measurements by
phone for decor planning.  Everyone was great to deal with during my
two look-see ‘walk-about’s', even pitching additional ideas to
optimize the space and grounds, for guests’ comfort and ‘flow’.
The facility has so much charm and atmosphere.  It was ideal for
family and friends representing five generations; some using walkers
and wheelchairs, The room, exterior and all amenities were accessible
for everyone.  When I arrived to set up, all tables and chairs were ready to my
exact specifications.  Sarah and Bill even helped with decorating and
final tweaks.  I can only restate the praise of others’ success stories
here; central location, beautiful and interesting building, outdoor
‘option’, helpful, smiling faces.  You made our special day emphatically delightful with your behind-the-scenes excellence!  100% recommendation from me!
 Sheila M.

March 2012 – Bridal Shower       Thank you for all your assistance with my daughters bridal shower! Your cheery smiles and confidence made me feel so at ease and welcome. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about the Quakertown Train station. Thanks again, Wendy H., Quakertown, Pa                                                                                

July  2011 – Baby Shower
I’d like to thank you all for the part that the beautifully restored Quakertown Train Station played in providing charm and atmosphere for my daughter’s recent Baby Shower. I will be a very active voice in spreading the word that our community is fortunate enough to have this “gem” of a location for such events. Throughout the day I was told over and over, “the Station is so unique and charming”. The fact that my “group” was completely contained within its’ own facility made it so much more personal than to hold an event in a restaurant or fire hall. The size is perfect! Also impressive is the accessibility for everyone — the flat parking lot, gentle entry ramp, and smooth, flat floors throughout the building and restrooms. The volunteer committee members were friendly, available, and accommodating to whatever layout would best serve my particular event, and provided all tables, chairs, waste receptacles, lavatory supplies and so much more.

As stated, the Quakertown Train Station is a “Gem” and I truly hope that our community, borough and residents will appreciate, use, and maintain it for many, many years to come! Thank you all for your time and dedication.
B. Stout,  Quakertown, PA

July  2011 – 50th Surprise Birthday Party
I was thrilled with the train station rental. The price was very reasonable and the space was fabulous. Everyone was great to deal with, even with my multiple calls of questions, they answered everyone and did whatever they could to help me pull off a surprise party. When I arrived to set up, all the tables and chairs were up and ready for me. Deb and Sarah even helped decorating the tables. They were so helpful and friendly, it was a
delight dealing with them. Anyone looking for a spot to have an event, the train station is it. Central location, beautiful building, large interior, spotless bathrooms and if the temp. is right, an outdoor area to utilize also. Thank you for everything, it made our special occasion go off without a hitch.
H. Gilbert, Teford, Pa.

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